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Program on Mobile Apps Development on the Android Platform

Android, backed by Google Inc., is the fastest growing open source mobile device platform, which in turn is powered by Linux operating system. Android offers a simple yet powerful application development framework (C++/Java and XML) and open access to APIs to build richer mobile applications. Applications can range from enhancing the user experience to productivity and entertainment. The Mobile Application Development on the Android Platform program is meant for the segment that is keen on gaining skills on application development on the Android platform.

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Course 1: Programming in Java

Java is an object-oriented language that enables you to create real-world applications. The code reusability feature of Java enables the software developers to upgrade the existing applications without re-rewriting the entire code of the application. The concept of working with files and I/O streams enables the software developers to store and retrieve the information from a flat or a text file. Packages enable the reusability of classes and methods across various applications.

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Course 2:Development on the Android Platform

A wide variety of smartphones are available in the market with an even wider range of options for mobile applications. This has given a rise to development of varied mobile applications for different genres. One of the most popular platforms for mobile application development is Android. Android, backed by Google Inc., is the fastest growing smartphone/mobile device platform, which is powered by the Linux operating system. This program intends to provide adequate knowledge for developing intuitive applications for the Android platform.